Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crepes in Capitol Hill

I get a lot of folks asking for good places to eat that are close by us at Bluebottle in Capitol Hill. Luckily, I get to first ask what are you in the mood for since we do have a lot of good places nearby? But I also always throw in the advice of 611 Supreme

This is my favorite place in Seattle and maybe the world - I know a tall order but crepes seem so fancy and are filling! I am vegetarian so get a bit tired of pasta and veggie sandwiches. My favorite here is a a mushroom, spinanch, tomatoes and guyere cheese buckwheat crepe and I always get one of their specialities drinks.

And I am pretty picky about atmosphere as well but I love the brick walls here and the mix of fancy but relaxed.

This is an easy walk from downtown and a good stop if checking out the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

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