Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kobo In Capitol Hill

I have gotten pretty picky now when I shop because I get to see so many amazing artists work everyday at Bluebottle, through Etsy and through all the blogs I read but I still love going out to a store and seeing a collection put together by a store owner. I generally shop small independent shops so it's really like seeing a curator put together a show of all the stuff they really dig. I am always super flattered when customers say they love our store and ask if I pick out all the products. I think you can really tell when a store has the vision of one individual buyer, you can see their tastes and style in their shop. This is definitely the case at KOBO

KOBO which translates from Japanese as artists workspace showcases work that has a Japanese "feel" although it is definitely not the case that everything is from Japan. Most of the the work I really like is from artists creating work with a Japanese influence. The is a main venue for artist Ken Taya. He also showcases his work here at Bluebottle but has a few additional pieces at KOBO like this one.

KOBO creates a line of this tshirt in different colors which I have always loved and gave to my husband Matthew a few years ago.

I always go to the Capitol hill space as it is close but I really need to get to their second location which is much larger and features regular art shows. Go check them out!

KOBO, 814 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102

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