Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paper Heart

This past weekend I attended my first SIFF film, Paper Heart. I am not a tween or for that matter "young" but I totally love Michael Cera. Ever since Arrested Development I just love him. I don't care if he is typecast, he's subtle, quirky and adorable. So without reading anything about this film, I got a ticket.

Paper Heart is an adorable and quirky story about Charlyne Yi traveling the country to understand love, a subject she is not entirely comfortable with. Along the way her own interests are peaked after meeting, her real life boyfriend, Michael Cera, at a party. From there you watch while Charlyne documents her "love findings" while experimenting herself with love. What results is a sweet story that draws a thin line between what is written and what is improvised. I didn't think too much about what was staged and what was not, I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

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