Saturday, May 23, 2009


For the past week I have had a ton of tacos. I used to live in SF where you could find good tacos all over the place. So when I got here it was weird to not have at least a decent amount of places serving good Mexican food. Well it's really exciting to have a few new places to find delicious and cheap tacos.

First, I finally tried Rancho Bravo in the old KFC building across from Oddfellows. If you are a vegetarian your choices are limited (one taco) and it's kinda bland. BUT if you eat meat, there are tons of options and are super delicious. I really enjoyed the mole chicken as did my sister. I am totally going there again. Not only was it really good but it was super cheap! $2 tacos! There's nothing fancy here but who needs fancy when you got delicious?

Speaking of $2 tacos, I also tried Tacos Gringos whom seem to cater to the later crowd, they don't open until 8. Unlike Rancho Bravo, their vegetarian taco was really flavorful. I am really into this whole $2 taco deal. I think it's probably pretty recession proof.

I also tried The Saint. They are not $2 but are really really good. If you can make it for happy hour they have a great happy hour menu AND really good margaritas which the other two do not offer.

I am glad that we finally have some good options here! Viva La Taco?


  1. Have you tried Puerco Lloron (aka Puerco Loco)? The staff is pretty surly (in a funny kinda way), but the food is delicious.

  2. oh yeah. i always forget about that place. it is really good. i think i was a bit scared when i went there b/c i wasn't eating meat at the time. now that i do i feel braver.