Friday, March 27, 2009


The first time I stepped into Oddfellows Cafe it was one of those snow days when I decided opening Schmancy wasn't worth it. There were ski's propped up against the door and I was the happiest clam in Seattle. On that day, I decided Oddfellows was my new favorite spot in Seattle. Unfortunately since that magic making day, my experiences have made me not such a huge fan. The decor is beautiful and the attention to detail is what gets you "at hello". Once you settle in, the problems start to show their face and here are a few.

After my drinking excursion last weekend, I realized that place is WAY too loud. I had already decided that you can only go there with one or two other people. Once you hit four, expect to only have a conversation with the person directly in front of you or next to you. Well last weekend there was 3 and I had a hard time having a naturally flowing conversation as there was always one of us feeling left out. Having to always say "what" or "I can't hear you" got annoying way too fast and made for a lot of awkward silences. So now I have decided it's basically only good for two people max.

Then there is the food. I haven't had everything on the menu and was really happy to see that the fries changed from $6 to $4. When I was in my excited-about-Oddfellows stage, I took a few friends there while they were visiting from NYC. We ordered the fries and "special (disappointing) sauce". I dipped my fry and immediately a taste so distinct came to mind not good for "table talk". So I just explained that the sauce reminded me of something that I wouldn't share while we were eating. A few seconds later my friend says, "this stuff tastes like throw up". That summed it all. So at $6 or $4, that sauce needs to be changed or just give us ketchup. I mean, they are only fries after all.

Then there was my BLT experience. I still consider myself a meat dabbler so I didn't know if leaving bacon super fatty was the fancy way but, either way, I wasn't into it and found myself peeling it all off leaving very little B left to enjoy. A few of my friends have gotten some of the salads which they enjoy but I have heard, on several occasions, that they couldn't really believe they were paying x for the size. The breakfast's I had in the past were the least disappointing thing on the menu. I am not sure why they can't cook the same things offered in the day at night. Anyone?

Sadly I have also had one too many moments in there where they seem to be having problems. From the fryer to no prep, it's always something.

I am sure the food and prices can improve but I am not sure what they can do with the acoustics. I still want to root for this place because I simply enjoy looking around. BUT I have learned my lesson and will only be going if I am either with one other person for drinks only OR just there for breakfast. Unless some more magic can happen I have bowed down to these facts and will learn to live with them.

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