Saturday, March 28, 2009

Circus Contraption

Last night my intern, Amy, and I went to go see Circus Contraption. She had been talking to a co-worker who has done some photography for them and I remember that I had not seen their newest show so we decided to go! I love this show and I have always kind of felt it was one of the hip things in Seattle that I was in on from the very beginning. I was introduced to Circus Contraption back in 2000 when they were preforming in one of the old airplane hangers out at Magunson Park on Sand Point Way. Matthew had been showing a series of sideshow performers paintings at a small gallery and someone from the circus asked if he would display them in the lobby for Circus Contraption. So he did and we got introduced to an amazing show!

Circus Contraption is not your typical circus it has it's very own band, the acts are surreal and there is lots of let's say cheekiness. The show is about a family owned circus showcasing all it's glamour and glitz while a sense of iminent destruction looms not only for the circus but for the world itself.

This is a really amazing group of talented folks and sadly I have heard that this will be their last show so go see it before it does all end!

Through May 31st in Fremont

Circus Contraption

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