Monday, April 6, 2009

The Best Croissant in Seattle?

This croissant comes to you direct from Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle. Now, you've probably heard of this bakery--it's won all sorts of accolades, always seems to show up on "best of" lists--and it doesn't hurt that the proprietor, William Leaman, is also a past winner of the Coupe de monde de la Boulangerie (the World Cup of Baking. Yup, it exists).

But is this actually the best croissant in Seattle? Now, to be completely honest, croissant alone has never really gotten me going--I always feel like it needs something else (and therefore, I prefer a pain au chocolat or some elaborate almond-cherry filled flaky pastry). However, my dear Mr. CakeSpy is a connoisseur of this delicious, buttery and flaky pastry, and when he tried it the other day he proclaimed it the best in the Emerald City. 

What do you think?

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