Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Half Pint Ice Cream

This Sunday it was hot and sunny and what do you think about when it's hot and sunny out? BBQ's, beach and ice cream! I went over to my local farmer's market where I tried the amazingly delicious ice cream from Half Pint Ice Cream. Oh. My. God. This ice cream had me longing for more, lot's more. With interesting flavors and in-season ingredients, you'll be going back weekly to see what's new. I had a few minutes to talk with owner, Cle, about her ice cream and where you can find her. Here is what I learned.

There are 4 flavors at each market made with what's in-season at that time. Some of her most popular flavors are:
*Twisted Coconut
*Chili Chocolate
*Mojito Sorbet (YES PLEASE)
*Vanilla Chai

She also uses Victrola Coffee for her coffee flavored ice cream.

I had a combo of Vanilla Chai and Chili Chocolate. I thought it was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The Vanilla Chai was really fresh tasting if that is a word that can be used to describe ice cream. It had the perfect mix of chai spices and wasn't too sweet or too spicy. Then the Chili Chocolate was like no other ice cream I have ever tried. A perfect amount of chocolate and spice with a surprise kick that sets in a few seconds after swallowing. It wasn't an overpowering spice however, just the right punch you would be looking for when ordering a chili chocolate ice cream. Together this pair went perfect together. PERFECT!

Anyways, you can find Half Pint at the following markets:

*Thursday: Lake City
*Friday: Phinney Ridge
*Saturday: Bellevue
*Sunday: Capital Hill

You can find her starting in May through October or November. Visit her site to find out more.

She is available for catered events which you can find out all about here

She does tend to sell out before the day is over (esp. on sunny days) so get there early. You don't want to miss her!

We look forward to seeing what else this lady has planned, we think whatever it is it will be a huge success!

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