Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kebab on 2nd ave

Being a local merchant on 2nd ave for almost 5 years now, I have seen a lot of changes on this street. Fortunately I can say that MOST of these things have been good changes. This street has come along way and in this past year it seems to really be thriving. I am so happy that there is a few new restaurants a hop and skip away from Schmancy.

Today I reached a point of starvation. I couldn't wait for my dinner, I needed to eat now. I forgot lunch and was trying to hold off but I was getting spacey and shaking. This is no way to be good at customer service. Luckily, local lady Mary, came in and told me about the newest addition to the street, Kebab. The few words I needed to hear; cheap, food, good, were said and I grabbed my purse and kicked her out. We walked over and I was immediately salivating. I am SO glad this place is so close and even happier that it was delicious. I got the kebab because I had to. BUT there are lot's of super cheap eats there for vegetarians and not. And they are brave enough to stay open for the local and not so local drunks (they are open until 2:30am!). Go now and go often. We need more gems around here. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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