Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.

Andrea and I had the pleasure of checking out the new cupcake shop in Belltown, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. What a treat (actually many treats) we had! We first got to sit down and chat with one of Yellow Leaf's owners, Mike, about the space, how they came up with the name and their fondness for Seattle. As recent transplants, they inhabit the excitement of newbies. Ahhh newbies. They moved out here last October after they had visited numerous times and fell in love the Pacific Northwest (what's not to love?). Coming from LA, Seattle probably seems a lot different, but those differences they embraced. They had both been looking to make a life change and start doing something they were really excited about and having a job they were also really excited about. Tony,co-owner, has been an avid baker for a long time and saw the trend towards cupcakes. Both had worked in a hospital and they just decided to finally make the plunge and move out here to open up shop. The name came to them after a drive through the Cascades during the fall when all the leaves were yellow. Many pictures were taken which can be found lining the walls of their soon-to-be-open establishment.

After our lovely introduction it was time to taste the cake. And many cakes were tasted. Let's start with the standards. We first tried the red velvet cupcake that immediately made me think of my momma. When I was a kid my mom tended to make carrot cake for our birthdays with; what I believe to be the BEST cream cheese frosting in town. The red velvet cupcake had the same feel and taste of my mom's cream cheese frosting so we were off to a great start. Aside from red velvet you will most likely be able to find the other typical standard cupcakes such as a vanilla and chocolate. Even though they will have the standards for the less adventurous, don't be surprised if you find a slight variation that makes the typical...not so typical any more.

As an avid cupcake eater what was more exciting for me was trying the more unusual flavors. The tomato soup cupcake was the most adventurous cupcake I have had to date and it was delicious. Considered to some, the Depression Cupcake, this cupcake should get a lot of buzz with our current economic state. I never really tasted the tomato although Andrea says she did. What I tasted more of was the amazing spices paired with the delicious chocolate Italian buttercream. No matter what the economic state is, I think this cupcake will be a success with the rich as well as the poor.

My favorite flavor of the day was the almond cupcake. If you don't like almond, stay away but I am in the other category. I love almond flavored anything. The cake was a perfect moist cake along with a perfect allotment of almond Italian buttercream rolled on the sides in almonds. I am still thinking about that cupcake. I am glad that it's a little bit of a walk or I would really fear my diet would take an automatic plunge.

BUT we can't forget about Andrea's favorite, the coconut cupcake. Andrea, what made this cupcake stand out for you?

Coconut was my favorite because it seemed so light and spring-timeish. It had little purple sugar crystals on top which made me think of all the liutle purple flowers I have been seeing around lately and it was just a reallly really yummy treat!

And then another favorite flavor of mine is lemon. The lemon cupcake had the perfect amount of sweet and tartness that any lemon lover would enjoy. AND there were crushed lemon tarts on the top! OH yes, it's true.

So after digesting my sugar high, I can't wait to be a regular at the Yellow Leaf. I am so happy they have moved into Belltown to add more to this growing neighborhood. You too can become a regular starting this Friday at 7:30am. They will also serve muffins to their morning worker bees and will specialize in pairing fancy teas with your choice of cake. We can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

Here are a few more fun facts about Yellow Leaf:
*The cupcake shell is recyclable.
*Buy one of their already inexpensive tumblers (made from recycled materials) and get .40 cents off all your drinks (when u bring it in of course)
*You will notice a yellow heart adorning a cupcake from time to time, that flavor will be a child's choice favorite of which an amount of it's proceeds will go to the child's charity of choice.
*The cool cork walls were purchased by Re-Store in Seattle where Mike was able to actually talk with the man who made it back in 1973!

Welcome to the neighborhood!


  1. I can't wait to try these! I'm coming down on Tuesday, I'll stop by fancy and say hello too!

  2. oops, I meant schmancy, I'll stop by fancy too most likely